miércoles, julio 31, 2013

Diego, cantante de Bambis

pantalón: el burgués | tapado: ay not dead 
cardigan: tejido por su tía |  calzado: nike
bolso: puma | gorro: american apparel

Diego, cantante de Bambis

  • Anónimo , 1 de agosto de 2013, 0:22

    master of the facha

  • Anónimo , 1 de agosto de 2013, 4:53

    I dug up your older entries here. I was pleasantly surprised that your idea of street style is not limited to trendy teenage/ 20something styles (and "hipsters" LOLJK). Other than that, it seems (to me anyway) that Argentina has its own thing going on, i.e., not overly trendy The vibe I'm getting here is more authentic compared to other style blogs, but that's just me :P

    Anyway, please PLEASE keep 'em coming (and more frequently, if possible heehee). You're certainly a breath of fresh air to the whole street style blogging scene :)

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